Girl Power

Women’s rights is something that I am truly passionate about. I’ve always felt strongly about fairness and justice regarding many aspects of life, especially the injustices surrounding us regarding men and women.

Women are truly powerful beings. Able to nurture, create life and care for offspring. It’s truly amazing. However, as we all know our society sets ¬†double standards for men and women. Women are treated as thought they are too fragile to do hard work, as they are too emotional to think rationally and run a successful business. This alone makes me alarmed with the state of our society.

Women are paid less in business for the same work…still earning less than75 cents for every dollar a man makes in the same position. Is this the 21st century? Is this fair? I think not.¬†Women have had to prove themselves in our society since the beginning. Always trying to even out the uneven playing field between themselves and men.

All of these reasons (and going to University studying Women’s Rights..) have led me to develop an extreme passion for girl power and creating an equal playing field for men and women. I’m active in participating in charities; Because I Am a Girl and the Halton Women’s Place (local women’s shelter for abused women).

Every little bit helps our society become a more fair and just place to be…

Kindness can change the world…


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