Childs & Weatherbie

Childs+Weatherbie is something new and exciting that Myself and Kelly Childs (My Mom) have been working on. Here’s what it’s all about:

“We are obsessed with a big idea: pantry items that make you happy, and keep you healthy. the Bonus? With every purchase you are eating the best in category and making the world a better place.”
Website soon to come:
“All for┬áLOVE”

One thought on “Childs & Weatherbie

  1. Hi Erin. Lovely Blog – good luck with future posts. Congrats on all the success with your biz so far, we really truly enjoy your products and I recommend my clients come to your shop anytime they are in Burlington (or to take the trip). Just a couple website notes 1. change your links so they open on a new tab and 2. the link here on this page doesn’t seem to take me to a page that your new business is on.

    Seriously all the best Erin!

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